about ME


Im Sukhina Garcia


Love, dancing, the feeling of gratitude, meditation, animals, music, laughing, hot drinks and sweet treats, walking bare foot, daydreaming, learning, oceans, forests, collecting books that I will one day read, platonic love, blankets, hugs.

My Journey

After living with chronic pain for more than a decade my quality of life was suffering along with my mental health. I decided to do something about it as modern medicine just wasn't helping. I stopped feeling guilty that I wasn't able to perform at my highest potential, closed down my business and learnt to heal and restore my body from within. I had been practising yoga and meditation for the last 20 years, but by fully reconnecting with it, I allowed myself to clear my mind of worry, stress and pain.

  • When I started sharing my practice with friends and family, it had fantastic results. This motivated me to qualify as a yoga teacher and at 40 years old, I did it. It felt insane, exhilarating but I also felt fulfilled. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share something that can bring so much joy and healing to others.