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What is restorative yoga?

Unlike the more active styles of yoga where poses "flow" into one another, in restorative yoga poses are held from 3-10 minutes sometimes to as long as 20 minutes. During this time, you are held in "shapes" while being supported with blankets, blocks, or bolsters (pillows). The shapes emulate the forms of some more active poses found in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or Iyengar such as a back bend, forward bend, twist, or inversion. When you are in the poses you are completely supported in a particular shape, which helps achieve the desired benefit-it could open up your lungs, release tension in your lower back etc.

In any style of yoga, part of the practice is about letting go of the ego. Restorative yoga is no different. Yoga teaches patience, devotion, and faith.

In restorative yoga, the body and mind are brought into balance, and begin to “talk" to each other. The best way to describe the benefits of restorative yoga is to perhaps ask what aren't the benefits of restorative yoga? Ultimately, everyone wants to feel at ease in his or her own body, and to achieve a sense of union with their true nature. This is the main “goal" of yoga, and it is what we all deserve to achieve in our lifetime. You see, both physical and mental activities influence each other, creating imbalances in the body. Restorative yoga is a process that leads to self-discovery. It helps bring the mind and body into balance by creating the mind's awareness of the body's limitations;


We love to provide a welcoming, inviting space where yoga is practised by different types of people. Whether you've been practising yoga for years, or you're a beginner, we gently guide you and provide loving support throughout your journey.


The Benefits of Restorative Yoga

  • Your mind and body are better able to handle daily stressors and approach situations from a calmer place as you are brought into harmony with your body.
  • you enter into a state of deep relaxation. It is here that you can “let go" ' of those deep holding patterns in your body and find a state of balance that will allow your body to heal.
  • If you have suffered from stress,trauma, injury, or illness, this practice can help you heal. If you are just a regular person, with a normal amount of stress in your life, and want to continue to feel good in your body, this practice will help you maintain that well-being.
  • as you become more connected to your physical body, you are able to better connect to your emotional body, discover and settle what ails you.

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