Start healing your mind with meditation sessions

It’s been shown to offer a number of physical and psychological benefits. This includes

  • stress reduction
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve immunity.

While many spiritual traditions include meditation as a part of their teachings and practices, the technique itself doesn’t belong to any particular religion or faith. Though ancient in origin, it’s still practiced today in cultures all over the world to create a sense of peace, calm, and inner harmony.

Meditation may offer a solution to the growing need to reduce stress in the midst of busy schedules and demanding lives. Although there isn’t a right or wrong way to meditate, it’s important to find a practice that meets your needs…. So this session is about showing you various ways in which you can meditate in order to find a practice that you connect with.

Sukhina Garcia Meditation Teacher in Leicester

Meet your Meditation Teacher

For over a decade, I was suffering with health ailments which was causing my quality of life and mental health to decline. After trying modern medicine, I turned to yoga.

I had been practising meditation for 20 years at that point, but once I began to re-connect with it more deeply, I began to heal and restore my body from within.

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There’s plenty of evidence supporting the numerous benefits of meditation. Meditation can offer general health and mental/emotional benefits, including:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • reduced stress
  • better sleep
  • improved emotional regulation
  • increased focus
  • enhanced mood
  • reduced aggression
  • greater adaptability
  • healthier aging process
  • a greater sense of empathy and connection with others
Japa Mala Beads for Meditation

Japa Meditation

What Does Japa Meditation Mean?

Japa meditation is a form of meditation that uses mantras to quiet and focus the mind. A mantra can be a single-syllable sound, word or phrase that is repeated silently or chanted aloud. Japa is a Sanskrit word that means “muttering” or “repeating in a murmuring tone.”

Japa meditation has been a part of yoga practice since ancient times, and it is a common practice in many different schools of yoga.

tea ceremony

Tea Meditation

A beautiful mindful meditation practise. We bring our attention to the present moment with a tea ceremony.

woman in meditation

Breathwork Meditation

People have been practising breathwork for thousands of years, and it has roots in yoga practice. The basic idea of breathwork is to release toxins and stress when you breathe out and nourish your mind and body when you breathe in… we use breath techniques as a focus to help calm the mind and relax the body into a parasympathetic state.