Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls and Gong.

This course offers an in-depth exploration of sound healing techniques using crystal bowls, gongs much more. Participants will learn the history, principles, and practical applications of these powerful sound healing instruments. The course combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice, aiming to equip students with the skills needed to conduct effective sound healing sessions.

Crystal Sound Bath Healing Session


  • Understand the history and theory of sound healing.
  • Learn the basics of sound frequency and vibration.
  • Gain proficiency in playing crystal bowls and other sound healing tools 
  • Develop techniques for conducting sound healing sessions.
  • Learn how to create a safe and therapeutic environment for clients.

    Introduction to sound healing


    Understanding Crystal Bowls


    Mastering the Gong


    Integrating Crystal Bowls and Gongs


    Conducting Sound Healing Sessions


    Advanced Techniques and Professional Development

Crystal Sound Bath Healing Bowls


Introduction to Sound Healing

  • Lesson 1.1: History and Origins of Sound Healing

o Ancient traditions and modern practices.

o Key figures and developments in sound healing.

• Lesson 1.2: Principles of Sound and Vibration

o Basics of sound frequency, resonance, and vibration.

o The impact of sound on the body and mind.

Crystal Healing Sound Bath Bowls


Understand Crystal Bowls

• Lesson 2.1: Types of Crystal Bowls

o Different types of crystal bowls (clear, frosted, colored, etc.).

o The significance of different notes and chakras.

• Lesson 2.2: Playing Techniques for Crystal Bowls

o Striking vs. circling techniques.

o Creating harmonic overtones and understanding their effects.

Gong for Sound Course

Mastering the Gong

• Lesson 3.1: Types of Gongs and Their Uses

o Different types of gongs (symphonic, planetary, wind, etc.).

o Selecting the right gong for your practice.

• Lesson 3.2: Gong Playing Techniques

o Basic strokes and mallet types.

o Creating a soundscape with crescendos, swells, and strikes.


Integrating Crystal Bowls and Gongs

• Lesson 4.1: Sound Healing Sessions Structure

o Designing a session: intention setting, flow, and closure.

o Combining crystal bowls and gongs harmoniously.

• Lesson 4.2: Practical Session Planning

o Creating thematic sound baths (e.g., relaxation, chakra balancing).

o Tailoring sessions to individual and group needs.

Crystal Sound Bath Bowls for Healing Sessions

Module 5: Conducting Sound Healing Sessions

• Lesson 5.1: Creating a Healing Environment

o Setting up the space: acoustics, ambiance, and comfort.

o Preparing yourself and your instruments.

• Lesson 5.2: Working with Clients

o Assessing client needs and expectations.

o Post-session care and feedback.

Crystal Healing Sound Bath Bowls

Advanced Techniques and Professional Development

• Lesson 6.1: Advanced Sound Healing Techniques

o Exploring complex rhythms and patterns.

o Integrating other sound healing tools (e.g., tuning forks, singing).

• Lesson 6.2: Building Your Sound Healing Practice

o Marketing and promoting your services.

o Continuing education and community building.

Crystal Sound Bath Healing Session

Assessment and Certification

• Practical Assessments:

o Demonstrations of playing techniques for both crystal bowls and gongs.

o Conducting a full sound healing session (live assessment).

• Written Assessments:

o Short quizzes on theory and principles.

o Final project: Create a detailed sound healing session plan.

• Certification:

o Upon successful completion of all assessments, students will receive a certificate in Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls and Gong.

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How Long is the Course?

Total: 20 hours (6 hours Home study, 12 in person learning & practical training, 2 hours assessment in person).

Are there any enrolment requirements?

There are no enrolment requirements. Although no prior experience required, a deep passion for holistic healing and sound therapy is recommended.

When does the course begin?

Date will be announced soon.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do! You can split the cost 50/50. Please enquire using the contact form for the payment link.

Is this refundable?

All sales are final and non-refundable. If you have any questions before purchasing, please use the contact form or email and we'll be happy to assist.