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Restorative Energy Heal

White Sage & Selenite

White Sage & Selenite

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Sage burning or smudging is a well-known for its ability to purify and cleanse your space. It's a calming ritual that helps to release stagnant energy that can breed negativity. 

White sage sticks are burnt for many reasons including moving in a new home, after a period of illness, starting a new chapter in your life, or simply to refresh your energy before your daily meditation. 

  • Sustainably harvested USDA Organic Sourced directly from California, USA
  • Handpicked & hand rolled
  • No added perfume/synthetic fragrance
  • Plastic free packaging.

Selenite is a beautiful crystal, which is commonly used to purify, cleanse, and ability to soothe. It has many benefits for mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity. When purchased with the white sage, you have a gorgeous cleansing set. 

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